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Regulation 14 Consultation

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Ways to make your views known

1. Fill in the on-line survey
You can comment on as many or few of the policies as you wish. On-line completion will facilitate the analysis of returns.

2. Collect a paper copy of the survey from Matfield Pavilion (9am to 1pm on Tuesdays or Wednesdays) or download it from Return the survey to the mailbox at Matfield Pavilion, Matfield, TN12 7JU.

3. Come along to one of the Viewing Sessions or Drop-in events to view the documents and discuss any issues with members of the Steering Group.

4. E-mail:

Viewing and Drop-in sessions

Morning sessions - 9am to 12pm at Matfield Pavilion
Monday 24 May, Tuesday 8 June and Thursday 17 June.


Afternoon sessions - 12pm to 3pm at Brenchley Memorial Hall

Wednesday 26th May, Thursday 10th June and Monday 14th June.


Evening sessions - 6pm to 9pm

Brenchley Memorial Hall - Monday 14 June

Matfield Pavilion - Thursday 17 June


Drop-in events - 10am to 1pm

Matfield Pavilion - Saturday 12th June

Brenchley Memorial Hall - Saturday 19th June

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