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It has been a few weeks since the Visioning Events and Design Forum, to which so many of you generously gave your time, energy, and enthusiasm to planning for the long-term sustainability of our parish.

       Since then the Steering Group has been doing further work on developing the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) and we have received the Interim Report from Feria this month, which we believe is important to share with the whole community.

       However, we’re not there yet! Whilst this report captures many of the key topics that have so far emerged, there are a small number of issues which we need to resolve with the consultants, so that the full range of views, ideas, and opinions arising from the community events are included in the next phase of the development of the NP.

       To help us refine the main themes that will form the basis of the policies which will be included in the NP, we need to have your views on the themes and topics outlined in the report – so please send us your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions to

       It would be great if you could reply by June 15, when the Steering Group will be meeting with senior planning officers from the borough council, to share with them the progress we have made. At the meeting the officers will update us on their work on the Local Plan, which will help us to refine the timetable for the NP.

       The Interim Report from Feria will be published on the Neighbourhood Plan website on Monday 28th May 2019 –

       Thank you for your input and support, thus far. We look forward to hearing from you


Chris Woodley

Chair, Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group  

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