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Community Design Forum

20th, 21st and 22nd March 2018 at Matfield Village Hall

The Design Forum was a three day event planned to develop the priorities already identified by the community into policies for the Neighbourhood Plan.   The consultants at Feria had analysed the responses to the various tasks completed at the Community Visioning Events and the results were revealed during the first day of the Design Forum.  There were two morning and two afternoon sessions each day, combining tasks similar to those at the Visioning Events with visits to locations in the parish. 

The first session on Tuesday 20th March included presentations from people connected to the parish with their views on the future needs of the community.  These included individuals, organisations and developers and the opportunity is available to anybody.  Presentations were be a maximum of ten minutes, illustrated by up to ten PowerPoint slides or up to four sheets of A4.  The presentations were on display in Matfield Village Hall during the Design Forum and have been posted on the Neighbourhood Plan website. 


On the evenings of Tuesday 20th March and Wednesday 21st March there were Drop-in Sessions,  where everybody in the community had an opportunity to express their thoughts and view the progress that was being made.  A final presentation on the results of the Design Forum was made on Thursday 22nd March and the slideshow is available on this website.

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