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Call for Sites


Following the Neighbourhood Plan 'Shaping the Policies' sessions in early November, it became clear that many residents were unaware of the 'Call for Sites' instigated by TWBC as part of the Local Plan process.


A landowner, organisation or developer could submit land for consideration and TWBC stated that all sites would be assessed for their suitability for development.  Even if land is identified as having the potential for development, this does not in any way indicate or confirm that it will be allocated for development in the new Local Plan.


The maps below detail the sites submitted in the Calls for Sites: those shaded red were submitted in the two 'Calls for Sites' and those in blue are sites that have been submitted subsequently.


The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has no role in the selection of which sites may be developed, the draft polices seek to influence potential development in order to safeguard what we value about where we live and to seek further improvement.


The Community Consultation on the draft policies ended on 17th December 2018 but the NP Steering Group still welcomes your views and queries by email to or use the mailbox at Matfield Pavilion.  The draft policies can be downloaded from the NP website or you can call either 832579 or 722498 to request a paper copy of the draft polices.

Keys Green & Kippings Cross
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